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Exclusive fashion brands are one of the best ways to embellish yourself. Customers are looking for unique designs, that encompass many different lifestyles, backgrounds and genres. Recognizing that, Sticky Icky Clothing has developed a t-shirt line that uses urban artwork to connect various themes. Incorporating abstract ideas and diverse subject matter, the Sticky Icky clothing store delivers out of the box designs, via t shirt printing. Our exclusive collection of specially designed t-shirts, will have you standing out in the crowd.

By sticky icky

As we progress, Sticky Icky Clothing prides itself on taking steps to bridge the gap between the cannabis industry and the clothing industry. Passion is what drives our artists to deliver distinct t-shirt designs, that amplify the voice of the community. Connecting the link between cannabis and lifestyle. Cannabis apparel has become mainstream. Our unique out of the box ideas are actually the norm for our customers. The Sticky Icky online clothing store is a choice resource for stylish urban apparel.

By sticky icky